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What is this site about? This site is dedicated to describing and illustrating old buildings in Canterbury, Kent, England (and those nearby). Why? Pure interest. This is not a commercial site. The aim is simply to give everyone a chance to share in some of the fascinating ancient buildings which this historical city has to offer. But also my aim is to learn more, as I develop the site, about the buildings I investigate.

What is the scope of the site? I aim eventually to have as near a complete record as possible of all the old buildings of interest in Canterbury. There are more than 1500 listed buildings in this city, and I hope to have photos and descriptions of as many as time allows, including interior photos where possible, and photos of architectural details.

I am not too interested in modern buildings, so they don’t figure much!

I also aim to offer a clear explanation and illustration of the devlopement in building styles through the ages, illustrated by Canterbury buildings where possible. I looked for such a thing on the web myself, but couldn’t find one, so perhaps there is a need!

Yes, but there is no particular hurry or deadline and I hope others can help. Every week I take more photos and see more buildings (in between work and family!). Who is behind this site? I am Stephen Bax and I am a lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church University College in the Language Studies Department.

I am an amateur, and the descriptions in this site are to be treated in that light – I am studying these buildings and have read as much as I can about them, but where you see a question mark or two, that means I am not sure. This is a constant work in progress. In that case, if you know better or can help, PLEASE let me know. I will be grateful for comments and help.

How can you make contact? I like feedback! It keeps me going. So if you have anything to say – even that you simple visited the site, please contact me on s.bax @cant.ac.uk. If you actually like it or find it useful, please tell me!

This site is for you, so feel free to use the photos freely for educational and personal use, but please also be fair – you do not have the right to use these photos commercially and I retain the copyright unless otherwise indicated.

How is the site developed? I visit the buildings in question and if possible get access to the interiors. I use a digital camera, then edit the photos, usually adding a tiny bit of contrast and sometimes some sharpener to make them clearer, then reduce them to 320×240 pixels in size. In my experience this gives the best balance between loading speed on the web and detail for viewing. Reading materials. I include a select bibliography of books I have found useful.

Let me just say at this stage that my two key books so far have been, firstly, ’Houses in Canterbury’ written by Stephen Scoffham and published by the Canterbury Urban Studies Centre, St. Alphege Lane, Canterbury – a small book but full of information and details, as well as clear illustrations.

The second is ’Illustrated Dictionary of Architecture 800-1914’ by Jill Lever and John Harris, published (appropriately) by Faber and Faber. This is a fascinating and invaluable guide to English architectural styles and details. I hope you enjoy the site. This link will take you back to the main page.